about us

We created Barrier Islands Salt Co. to revive the lost art of salt making in Virginia and to celebrate the wild beauty and purity of the waters surrounding our barrier islands. We’ve spent over three years perfecting our sea salt and the result is a bright white, flake sea salt with a clean, oceanic flavor and a sweet finish. We’re extremely proud to be Virginia’s first coastal saltworks since the 1700s!

We love being a part of the Eastern Shore food community of farmers and makers and enjoy knowing the talented people who make our food, that it was grown or made nearby and that we’re contributing to the economy of our community and Virginia. We have a great amount of respect for the salt making traditions of France and other countries but we believe that we shouldn’t have to rely on container ships traveling 4,000 miles to enjoy high-quality sea salt.

We would have laughed if anyone told us years ago that we’d end up as business partners on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We’ve had careers in two seemingly unrelated professions - David as a 100-ton boat captain with 25 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, and me first in marketing at American Express, then in a variety of corporate brand management and executive positions in the food industry, followed by founding a local food company in D.C. When we moved here and decided to try our hand at salt making, these disparate careers suddenly dovetailed together like two pieces of a puzzle and Barrier Islands Salt Co. was formed.

Each time we cast off from Oyster Harbor to collect water and catch our first glimpse of the barrier islands, we think about how lucky we are to live here and to work together to create a product that literally captures the flavor of these special islands.

We started Barrier Islands Salt Co. to share the magic of this very special place and we hope we can do it justice.

David & Anna Lee