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Barrier Islands Salt Co.

Herbs de Seaside Salt

Herbs de Seaside Salt

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We've blended our Barrier Islands Sea Salt with fresh sage, thyme, rosemary & oregano that we buy from Seafield Farm, a husband and wife owned, no-till and chemical free farm directly on the seaside overlooking the waters that we harvest our sea water from. It doesn't get any more local! We hand process the fresh herb bundles the same day we pick them up and get them into the salt that same day, resulting in a highly flavorful and aromatic sea salt blend. Most blends on store shelves start with already dried ingredients so you're in for a treat if that's what you're used to using!

This blend will fast become a pantry staple - add it to olive oil for bread dipping, make a simple vinaigrette, rub it on steak, lamb or hearty fish, sprinkle it on vegetables before roasting or grilling, etc.

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