Pure Flake Sea Salt
Pure Flake Sea Salt
Barrier Islands Salt Co.

Pure Flake Sea Salt

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Our signature, wild & pure flake sea salt - and the only sea salt made in Virginia! We hand harvest deep, gin clear sea water by boat around Virginia’s Barrier Islands to bring you delicate, bright white salt flakes filled with the fresh, clean taste of the briny sea. 

We collect our Atlantic sea water just offshore of Cobb’s Island, one of a beautiful string of 14 barrier and marsh islands protecting the Eastern Shore of Virginia from the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are part of the Virginia Coast Reserve, the longest expanse of coastal wilderness remaining on the east coast. This Nature Conservancy program protects thousands of acres of pristine salt marshes, oyster reef sanctuaries and eelgrass meadows, resulting in the purest water on the east coast and far beyond.

How to Use:
You can use our flake sea salt in place of just about any salt you use today! Flake salts are most commonly used to finish dishes, meaning they are sprinkled on rather than mixed in. Our favorite ways to use our flake salt are simple! We sprinkle it on eggs or avocado toast, rub it into steaks along with freshly cracked pepper before grilling, mix it into fresh guacamole, sprinkle it on asparagus and other vegetables during and after grilling/roasting, etc.

If you'd like to use our salt mixed into a recipe instead, we recommend grinding it with your fingers or a grinder first, then using slightly less than the recipe calls for the first time you make it to ensure that you don't oversalt the dish.